Actually Allanon I think you have missed the point somewhat.

Yeah, good and evil form the backbone of all fantasy enviroments and I am the first to snipe at people who start breaking role (ala my recent quotes) however not everyone takes the game as rabidly serious as others.

Its an OOC courtesy to lay off people sometimes, I've seen Magdalene back off in fights when you have mentioned that you are too lagged yet you rarely offer that courtesy back forthingly pushing for the shipping other than

just moving on from the death you have usually already delivered.

You fight in the big league on here and for people also not in that league taking you on is daunting and often pointless unless fully prepared, the fact that Magdalene will offer a challenge semi unprepared to a fighter his

percieved equal (Rastafar) is a fair enough, it giving the advantage somewhat to Rast, but I know for a fact that Magdalene doesn't mind dying in that manner.

You killed her, then started to try to strip equipment for no real reason other than she wouldn't ship to you.

You seem to give absolutely no quarter to anyone these days, hit hard those that hit you hard back or first.

(sorry for the spelling mistakes, im eating noodles while typing this)

Calagan, Noodle eating Brigand

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.