Thats why you left gabbad, and started bashing the dwarves and the gabbadians for experience because you

love them and they love thakrians.

You know nothing of hearts since you married someone who dosn't have one, and the only heart you have

ever had is that of crystal one which some sorc told you to hold, cold as ice.

The gabbadians under death threats were made to dance naked around the thakrian flags while their

women were molested by your oh so friendly soldiers, after wards you slew their inn keeper and ate his


Gabbadians will stand against Thakrian might always, they will raise forts again against you (like the

one plaman destroyed earlier in the week) and they will thwart you at every turn.

Mercinaens will help them all they can, and will offer them true freedom from the slavery and disgusting

behaviour which was forced on them by their thakrian slave drivers.

The death furnaces will be put out and the people will once again dance under the sun and light

of a new dawn.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Mournsend, in the year 1060.