how original.

Basically copying my post but applying it to Mercinae is a bit redundant and unoriginal isn't it?

Foxedup- Gabbad has been a Thakrian territory since the beginning of the ability to raise flags in towns. Except for a brief period when Thakria was defeated in war and Mercinae stole all the Thakrian property it could Gabbad has proudly flown our fl


Gabbad will again know the glory of flying just Thakrian flags as the faceless coward. This is not a threat but a guarantee.

For now my brothers in freedom stand firm in your fight for your freedom and know Thakria will be there for you. Its brave soldiers standing beside you to defy this faceless coward.

Our fighters will send the evil doers into hiding in comm sheds or the pool. We will continue this unslaught until the evil that is Mercinae is toppled and the Gabbadians can join Thakrians and the rest of Avalon at a marshmellow roast in what was on

ce the foul cassiandora square and celebrating FREEDOM!!!!

Freedom Fighter Plaman

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1060.