beggars belief.

Calagan, Brigand of the Grey Woodto Everyone

Wow, I'm amazed.

I make a comment on a 'skill whine' debate about playing the game imaginatively rather than running a numbers racket and in the ongoing responses back it gets turned into a debate that runs the numbers on the exact

grammar and punctuation of the responses.

I'll make it again shall I.

\"You guys really need to stop tearing your posts apart looking for grammatical perfection against a language that intrinsically breaks rules by its most basic tenant.communication. Write a post because its what you want

to get across and try it in the most imaginative way you can not because its not punctuation perfect. \"

See, I barely had to change my original quote to make that one fit.

Oh and Maiya. I fight when I want, not when others want and if people don't like that. Tuff. I do not and never will hold Pacifism and I usually do not even hold DP for that long. As for my contributions to the land, well

thats my business also. Many are the ways to make an impact in avalon without gaining the killing skills of the

day in day out fighters. Maybe you should drop your disguise as to who you are so that some of the respect you seem to feel you deserve can be accorded or not because at the moment your a gobby little newbie who seems

to be alienating most of the land.

Oh, and don't waste your time threatening me, with your rep the second you lose DP your likely to get your clock wiped by half a dozen far far better fighters than I could ever be.

Calagan, Brigand.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Eleuthral, in the year 1060.