Huge Impact.


We have not, to my knowledge, ever spoken or even seen each other in the Land before as I was abscent almost the whole time since you joined us. So quite what makes you so venomously sarcasctic ( and knowledgeable about me and my views) is quite beyon

d me.

Especially in light of the posts you have been making recently, which were excellent in quality and thought. Actualy I would have, until today, thought the post you just made was far beneath you.

I am afraid you completely and utterly missed the point of the post. It does not say 'don't question' and it does not mention 'whining'. It simply says 'Roleplay' and 'don't just take a Proffesion and then spend the next years tearing that proffesions

skillsets apart for the sake of it and because you can't make it work for you everytime'.

I do not demand respect from anyone nor do I think I am owed it due to age, but I have been here awhile (maybe you have too in a different guise but then I have no way to know that) and I feel I do understand a fair bit of what makes Avalon tick.

Two questions that are bothering me.

Whoever said a Thief had to be a Fighter?

and what the hell has 'Free Nelson Mandella' got to do with anything? didn't he get out already? (ponder).


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midwinter, in the year 1060.