a thousand apologies.

Dr Maiya, Diagnosis Deliciousto Everyone

Oh excuse me, I almost nearly forgot how long Calagan and Squirrelfish have

been playing this game and how much respect I owe them and how much they've

done for x and y and how engaging in debates about fighting skillsets

on the fighters board is simply ridiculous as it is only for the ape-like

creatures, a term Magdalene likes to use, for fighters that enjoy making

slander public so they can achieve that last bit of attention they crave so much

and to poo-poo the any real benefits of intelligent debate and instead

post something of that nature on the public bulletin board so people such

as Calagan and Squirrelfish can use that fortune cookie motto they live by

to show how it is pointless to complain about anything in Avalon and while

we're at it give ourselves an episiotomy just for kicks and run around

bleeding to death shouting, 'FREE NELSON MANDELLA' since we have already

decided that Avalon isn't the constantly evolving world we all take it to be

and is rather a static, unchangeable system that is no different from the way

it was 40 avalon years ago and all sit up in our treehouse forts or wherever

it is we hide away from the playable world and remain in a state of

Hawthorn-esque dementia tipping back our stouts and pale ales watching the

time go by so elegantly and every once in awhile have that brief moment of

sober clarity that we can say to ourselves, \"Gee, I can't believe how little

Avalon has changed in all the years I've been bleeding from my crotch. \"

A thousand apologies,

Dr. Maiya

Written by my hand on the 7th of Midwinter, in the year 1060.