Making stuff

Elvironto Genesis, the god of time

The reason why the barons of the two great cities are making unusually large amounts of food is due to the vastly increased need for food brought about by the new hunger algorithm which is in operation. Demand for food is alarmingly high and consequently, the barons are compelled to fashion more food items than usual, hence causing the huge quantities being made at the moment. I have logged on a few times to find the food stall in Mycenae virtually empty, so to save the citizens I have rushed to the council chamber and quickly made 80 loaves (for example). I have no way of knowing what the Theban barons are making as well, so I can only act on what I can see happening in Mycenae. Since I had no idea how much memory this action uses, nor how much memory is available, I do not agree that any of the barons have acted in an irresponsible manner, since they too could have no idea as to the consequences of their actions. The only solution for this is for the need for food to be reduced, which is totally out of

baronial control...