and Magdalene.

My post was not meant as a specific counter to your point, or to Magdalene's. Rather it was addressed to you because you were the latest of a long line of people to quote that passage.

My point was, while gods can do as they wish and don't owe us anything, if they act to our distaste it is *not* pointless to criticise and to oppose them.

Effective opposition to gods is rarely bile posted on the BB, as some have chosen to do. Partly it is the battle for hearts and minds for the gods rely on mortals for much of their power.

And partly it is direct action against their followers and their plans.

If gods act blatantly \"unfairly\" or seem irrational, they may suffer by losing support and essence, so criticism which exposes these actions is a useful weapon.

The sycophantic claptrap to which I referred was not any particular post (though perhaps if I looked back I could find a few which fit the bill) but a number of posts on this and other boards.

Generally, some criticism or anger at a god is expressed, and one or more people come out and quote this passage from the manual as if that settles the point.

It does not. Have your opinions and yes suffer the consequences. But it all exists as part of a game with the gods, consquences have repercussions and if a god overreacts they lose credibility and support.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1059.