you are a liaring piece of shit.

Well I am minister of Justice Zeni, I may allow you to have the enemy status removed from you if you were

to give up all your staves, your equipment, and maybe turn back time to before you razed the artisans

guild, invaded mercinae twice, robbed our shops, raped our citizens, kill our mercinaen men.

Perhaps if you can give all this back to us, I may decide to friend you.

Ahh whats that you say, you kill me in the city streets, and am I not a mercinaen citizens, which by

my law makes you an enemy, not only to mercinae, but to avalon.

One other thing zeni, I will never ever listen or be swaded by your threats of invasion, and the lies you

say that you don't care about the Parrian government and you will do what ever you want by passing all of

parrius but using them for your own benefit. You see I don't believe this, since I do actually believe

in humanity, which you have little to do with.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Mournsend, in the year 1059.