and Kes Et Al.

By your quesiton I would presume that you expect their to be some bias on warfare within our ranks ?

And what your really talking about is the fighting that surrounds warfar not the warfare itself. Fighting in teams when the opposing team has a thief in it is one of the harder situations that a thief will come accross

and seeing a thief not of your city slink in and attack city friends is the flip side to that.

Their is no real answer you just have to kind of ignore it the best you can, in the team fights there is almost

always another target to attack anyway so you just try deal with it. Anjiin, Darkwrath is a fighting thief who has no qualms with fighting thakrians when he gets the chance, He is free to expand your SOI and your military

holdings as much as he or you want him to, its nothing to do with our guild. Would he oppose Plaman ? yes, in fact I bet Plaman would enjoy it, could he command him to stop, no, Darkwrath holds the same guildrank for a

start pretty much anyway. Would he march against the guild itself ? no probably not but again im quite sure you have more than one general able to enact the few commands it would need should you get to that stage,

I think the answer you want is would a thief specifically isolate another thief for you to attack. Doubt it. But its really up to the thieves in question.

And kes, No you wont get a non thakrian thief robbing any of their non city chapters. they dont need to rob them, they have full access to them, so do not need to. If they want to just move comms around from chapter to

chapter well, sure I don't mind that. And if thieves wanna fight each other again, much the same as I said to Anjiin, up to them. Hell not like we couldn't use the practice. In fact it would probably happen more but

thief fighting is a costly thing in poisons which is more than likely why you dont see constant spars and challenges. Chasing each other down with throttles and grelixar is not what you would call too challenging.

Eluria, fight it with your last dying breath ? that would will be hard as most of you are pacifist. Let me know and I will come round and brew Jegga so you can. Seriously though, fight it then, get some animists in Thakria

start actually playing the game rather than drifting through it, ghostlike with pacifism up.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1058.