Your allegations.

For the sake of trying to not send relations between our cities into a downward spiral I've neglected replying to your previous rants directed towards Parrius and I, however I can't let that go on indefinitely.

The truth is Kes that you lost credibility long ago, anyone who listens to a word you say is simply a fool. The simple truth of this matter is that I saw you die, realised you were out of the pool, and as you teamed me just a couple of days before, de

cided to repay you. And I did. Parnassus, Alarius and Alexandra were also with you and I'm sure each can vouch that I did not touch any of them, nor did I attempt to break into any shop, or fell any stave. I presume your reason for that accusation is

that the battle initially took place in a shop entrance.

I've made a point of not attacking Mercinaens since my return Kes except in specific circumstances and I've killed maybe 3 including you. Generally for attacking guild or city mates right in front of my eyes.

You are free to talk down relations between our two cities again as much as you like Kes, its entirely your own choice, after all, you do have to do all that you can to try to make your wild predictons come true, don't you?

PS. I wasn't aware that Drasnia was even present at the battle, but I'll take your word for it, but as stated above that's all this was, a battle, no attempted shop robbery.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1058.