Test of faith.

Artisan Allanon, of Springdaleto Everyone

I have had and only intend to have one patron during my lifetime.

I did not seek my allowing entrance into the order lightly and I did not

seek entry for any short term gains or rewards.

I made a choice and many times over the years I have endured pressure from

the immortals both personally and as a member of my patrons order.

Many will not remember the times of the last divine conflicts where orders

were pitched in conflict - I took pride in suffering the consequences

of these conflicts bearing eternal disfavours (I think at best I had 3 at once) with pride

(although to be fair I had 2 favours in counterbalance).

There are perhaps limits to punishments given to mortals but in the instance

that has occured is it really such a huge problem to stay divinely protected to

allow a player to continue in a pacifist way and still continue to both exist and serve

your patron ?

Mortals cannot contest the gods - its a fact that may annoy and rankle but it remains a fact.

However, there is strength and pride to be gained by sticking to your faith

through adversity - alternatively there are other options which invariably see

the individual losing out in some way or another.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Springflower, in the year 1058.