A Cry to Olympus.

Wyldefyre Among the Forest Evesto Everyone

I respect all Olympus and I plead as a lowly mortal to have this madness end. I am a follower of Maedhros, yet I respect you all. It is the innocents of this land who are suffering. Not only the followers of the Lady of the Moon, but the newcomers wh

o see strife, the more established players who see judgements. I cry to heavens for an end knowing it may mean my end. I respect you all, please head my prayer and come to an agreement to agree or to disagree. Please do not let mortals suffer for no

thing other than loyalty.

This prayer is made with utmost respect. The cry is from my soul. The longing from my heart. Restore to us faith and if I hold your disfavour for posting what is in my heart, I accept your judgement

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1058.