Scribe's statement.

Exquisite Imladristo Everyone

I would like to add my personal witness to the statements that Scribe made in his previous post regarding the proposed treaty with Mercinae and our lack of a plan to invade there. I was present at the meeting and can verify that his statements are tru

e in all regards and an accurate reflection of our policy towards Mercinae at this time.

Also, I would like to add that after speaking with Kes, I believe that he got the notion that we were planning such an attack from hearing some things through the grapevine that are nothing more than rumours. Although he may have overreacted to what h

e heard, I don't feel that he simply made the idea up to try and slander Parrius.

Hopefully we have cleared this up and can move forward with our plan to finalize this treaty so that this type of hearsay can no longer influence the minds of those who have not had the opportunity to see the terms presented. As they have not been fin

alized, we have held off from posting anything to avoid unnecessary confusion intermingling with our dialogue.

Sincerely, Imladris

PS - Should we further amend the treaty to include mandatory group hugs whenever citizens of each city run across each other in their travels? This calls for immediate discussion! *grin*

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1058.