zenichiro and his war like actions.

Death Cut Kes the Flashing Bladeto Everyone

Today zenichiro put a stop to the mercinaen-parrian treaty which would have had peace for 25 years between the

two cities.

From text rune bug logs, I also know of the coming invasion of mercinae within the next week from parrius.

The delay put on the treaty was so that zenichiro could take our SOI and march on our city.

I keep wondering what type of people actually live in parrius to let this happen, under your own nose. He is

now mustering his invasion force in parrius and you have given your army to the one person who is really

totally evil in this land. Notice how he never kills any Thakrians while they kill the parrian citizens, also

notice that when he marches the thak fighter support he will have, which just goes to show that I was correct

regarding him and his links to thakria (remember his guild is thakrian).

How could you have let this happen, why would you do this, I keep asking, perhaps we as mercinaen are stupied to

actually think there is any good in the parrian citizens, knowing full well you will not have the courage to

stop him or this war coming.

Have we actually done anything to you to start this, or are you just another Thakrian city run by Thakrians

and used by Thakria for their own good and justification.

Once again you have stabbed us in the back, and we will never ever forget it.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1058.