and Maiya.

Kes is a fine example of what posting city concerns on a pbulic board can do. Now we all have to endure such nonsense from that foul mouthed fool that lives at the pool.

Kes, Anarion made a great point. Keep your nose in your own business! I am no lackey to Zeni, nor anyone else in this land.

Zeni and I do share a few of the same ideals as well as others we don't share. Just as I do for people in Mercinae, Thakria, and Springtown.

As far as the fact that city concerns were posted shows signs that we made a mistake of allowing someone with similar foolish as you to live inside our gates.

Maiya's words in no way show the Pirate spirit (which you know squat about), rather the tedenancy of you and your clones so aptly demonstrate.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1058.