See ya!.

Maiya, The Great Deceptionto Everyone

Firstly, all of you are nuts - From A to Z. (Agrias to Zenichiro)

Secondly, the penalties I've recieved from the Gods is more than enough for

me to handle let alone 20,000 gold of mine all gone. About 10% of that

is from stolen goods, the rest is through my own hard work selling poisons

to the person who deals this punishment out - Scribe. Many others on the

council have bought from me as well, and this is the ultimate insult.

Thirdly, there has been nothing done about Zenichiro personally enemying

Agrias and Duroc which as any of you know will result in them being harmed

should he put any staves up or has any ccc's with him to attack them.

There also has been nothing done about Zenichiro teaming Agrias, Zenichiro

threatening my life or Zenichiro 'correcting' Krill on the city bulletin board

rather than waiting to discuss it with him. The only people getting punished

here are the citizens that have admitted to their wrongs. Well... at least

we have a clean conscious, I suppose.

My fourth point is that it still hasn't been explained by the Council whether

or not Zenichiro's store is in fact a Parrian shop. I still believe it is not

since their has been a failure on Council's part to show us why it is.

Your punishment would have been easier to just kick me out. Instead, you

decide to make some gold while you're at it, expect me to stay so you can

take the rest of it later on in the year and basically break any sort of

city spirit I once had.

My fifth argument is the ludicrosity of 50% of my money going to Zenichiro

when he, through divine intervention, recieved every one of his items back.

Since when does punitive and emotional damages start to play a role in Avalon?

Well, I suppose it only now exists here in Parrius, which brings me to my final


Good luck, so long and I look forward to killing you all.

Illusory Maiya, The Great Deception

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midwinter, in the year 1058.