thieves blacklist.

Calagan, Brigand of the Grey Woodto Everyone

In accordance with the ancient auspices and oracles that originally gave us our sacred trust all that time ago

we have chosen at this time of grave brevity to re-instate the thieves blacklist.

It was many years ago I can tell you that the elders of us, the thieves, met with our god and discussed doing

this. Since then we have slacked in our duty and picked our noses and other such wastefully inefficient acts

This shall be no more.

For crimes against us. The following people will be on our blacklist.

Bosno, Fizzy and.....Holywhitewolf !. The hated animist generals.

For crimes against rational talk, the following people will be on our blacklist

Kes, Agrias and Duroc !. The Darwinian evolution chart... ape to tit in less than 3 cities.

If your thinking about doing anything that you feel may qualify you for our most brutal of punishments

then please message my good and pious self or that rat Plaman with your name and we shall evaluate your

petition with our usual fine tooth comb (no its not the one I borrowed from you Darkwrath)

Calagan, Grand Dingle Snatch of the Thief Blacklist.

BEWARE YOUR PANTS ALL OF AVALON !!!! (insert ghostly scary noises)

Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 1057.