you pathetic waste of space.

You think we are all stupied plaman, or are you an idiot.

The only reason he used bandit troops was because if he used city Thakrian troops he would have been

kicked out of the city and the whole city branded as disgusting scum (which some of us do anyway).

To save political face he had to use a guild legion instead of city legions for this action since he invaded

raped and destroyed a guild with no legions or defences.

Thus the citizens of thakria can live with peace of mind knowing that their city was not totally involved

in this action and the blame lands at the door of the bandits, which most of the thakrian citizens seem to be

able to live with.

This was not a guild action, this was a city action against a guild, although bandit troops were used

they were used so that there would be no come back against the city which was involved in this terrible

dark action.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1057.