your shameful behaviour.

Sir Duroc Moon Knightto Zenichiro, Master of Lore

First of Zenichiro, I sicken of your lies and attacks against me, on our city BB, and now I see, you have brought them here. SO I have some things to say.

First off, it is not my place to invite people to a brew. I do not make the brews, it is not my business who is asked to attend.

Secondly, you have chosen to call into question Lady Inshallah. She disfavoured you for your disgraceful behaviour, and well have you earned it. On the other hand, you went sobbing to your patron, who has disfavoured some of us, for by his own admis

sion no acts of our own.

Since it was nothing that I did that earned me this disfavour, it is rather meaningless, just another ploy of those who espouse Thakria and its disgusting ways, above their own city.

There is little secret why you were summoned back here Zenichiro, after your protracted absence, but bear in mind, you have been summoned back to a different land, and a different city. The days of Parrius razing neutral guilds are in our past. Not

our future.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1056.