Animistry, and how low it's sunk.

In the posts that follow, my fellow Avalonians can join my shock at how

low Animistry has sunk. It consists of a transcript of a very select and

discreet brew. Not only that, but despite the caveat from the Animist

at the end, it seems Animists are now dispensing wurtfoil in herb form

to those they favour.

No doubt it will all be denied, however, I am sure Kes, who makes it

clear at every opportunity how much he despises me, can vouch for the

truth behind his own words.

When actions like this go on, and the other blatant cases of bias and such,

how DARE Animists have anything like a blacklist to take revenge on their

enemies. The difference between Animists and the rest of Avalon is we know

we have our biases, you all think you are so superior. How can you possibly

consider the death of an Animist is in some way worse than the death of

another mortal, why do Animists look down upon us all like animals? It

was not always the way.

Bosno, along with the rest of Avalon, I eagerly await your responce. Either

you fully accept the actions of one of your Animists, and she was just

acting upon a new policy of handing out both brews and wurtfoil itself

upon request and you have forgotten to post, or else you do not accept it.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Leaflost, in the year 1056.