No you are the liar .

Now at the time I remember you as a young knight get his mind shaped by daily thrashings of Thakrians. I was given full reign of the Parrian army back then with Shennarra allowed to have denyability if anything went wrong. I was responsible for rebu

ilding the soi of Parrius and helping to turn what was basically a village of 3 or 4 people into a would be power. I did not immediatly go back to Thakria but stayed in Parrius well into its True Citizen Stage until putting up with Catt's rantings be

came impossible. Again this was a very old incident in which you had little to no part in. Parrius was a different place back then with a few different goals then todays Parrius and a different atmosphere of players. Try to keep to current affairs

and be sure if you are going to speak of my accomplishments you do so properly because I am very proud of everything I have done in Avalon.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Cloudburst, in the year 1056.