Zeni, Blotto and Cordon and the staves - yet again.

Moonchild Anjiin, shaken not stirredto Everyone

OK - My responses to you three:


You are an absolute liar. You initiated the attack again me in Mercinae. I didn't even have my defs up and you quit felling the staves and jumped me then proceeded to smelt my runes etc. You are enemied to Mercinae because you jump Mercineans in Me

rcinea - it's that simple. And finally Cordon admitted that he agreed with the felling, so don't be a complete plonker all your life.


I'm not sure why you were initially enemied to Mercinae, but I can remember a time when I was a tiny mage filling my glass at the fountain in Mercinae and you came in and jumped me. You apologised because you thought I was bigger (my help file and co

nsider would have shown otherwise). So although you didn't realise my size, you still jumped me in Mercinae with no provocation. Therefore you should be an enemy of Mercinae. So don't come the innocent.


I'm not getting into your internal politics, just stating my opinion that you think for youself rather than getting the citywide picture of your actions.


Get a grip. You have stated in the past about Thakria at war with 3 cities. So what is your problem with Agrias and/or Duroc helping the Springdalian/Mercinean war effort - your tongue is at fault, not any Parrian that helps cities that are not Parr

ian enemies.

I'm getting a bit sick of you bunch trying to manipulate the truth.

in the best case scenario, and downright lie in the other cases. You all hold considerable status within your respective cities, treat that status with the respect it deserves.


p. s. I added Plaman as an after thought.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Mournsend, in the year 1056.