what are you on?.

Ok first I suppose when me zerina and kodiak slayed cordon when he came to help in a team fight we really weren't fighting him. I suppose the challenges Blotto has with Thakrians really isn't fighting since she doesn't run out of the pool and right b

ack in. Though I am getting old my memory reminds me that Blotto has joined in on raids in Thakria and has been jumped by Thakrians. Memory serves me Zenichiro has chased me to Thakria before for fighting a parrian in parrius. But I suppose all thi

s doesn't count since they are friends with some Thakrians.

It is odd that when Duroc, Krill, Agrias and a few others aide Mercinaens and Springtownians they are being clear thinking, fair and reasonable in your mind and still Parrian. Yet a parrian help a Thakrian and they suddenly become our evil plants in

the city? What is the deal with this double standard. Zenichiro and Cordon are as much Thakrian as Agrias and Duroc are Mercinaen. Maybe less because I have yet to see zenichiro(since his return) or cordon attack a springtownian or mercinaen moving

troops yet agrias and duroc constantly join in Mercinae/Springtown teams trying to stop me moving troops on mercinae.

Please respond in a reasonable way using an appropriate vocabulary and not demean yourself with your usual vile filth.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1056.