enemy to mercinae.

First zenichiro and cordon and even blotto have been made enemies to Mercinae for the constant raping and murdering

of mercinaen citizens. They have also killed mercinaen men and stripped mercinaen shops. Most of this stuff

which was taken from us ended up in their friends hands.

Second as you all know from the past (and I hope you will learn from this) that the above mentioned people

have never fought a thakrian since they gave their word to protect and team with them against mercinaens

and Springdale citizens.

Thirdly everyone with a brain in this land knows what this election in Parrius is actually about. So don't

lie your way out of this, it is plain to see what you want and why you came back.

You have continued to abuse mercinae and its citizens, you as the one true evil in this land will become the

reputation of your city and its people and its history. You have tainted every good parian with the curse

of evil from your actions and your total disrespect of the current government up there.

This is not about trying to do a better job, this is about pure domination, from your past actions against

what you did in parrius and to its citizens, this can be seen.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1056.