Your post.

1. As a citizen of Mercinae I think I have every right to comment on the stave being felled and who did it. I am also entitled to my opinion considering that I know the staves have helped Parrians. As you say, you don't need outside influences. Mig

ht I suggest that your compadres don't cause crap in that case. It's not a politically sound move really is it ?

2. You have a simliar 'if it hasn't helped me it can't help anyone else' attitude to Zeni and Cordon. Me, me, me !. Considering that I have never seen you fight a Thakrian, let alone in Mercinae and that you have been away from Avalon for some time,

your statement about about yourself and the staves is pretty dismal.

You know I've been honourable in our challenges, I don't think I have ever let you ship. So why the sudden barrage of abuse when I, my fellow cits and some of your cits have suffered through the acts of 2 individuals who should think for the city not

just themselves.

Anjiin (again as a citizen of Mercinae)

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1056.