an explanation.

I believe I did deliver an explanation on why I figured it was a personal attack on me or the bandits. Though not so creative as Calagan's. Here again is the reasoning.

Since never before in the current warfare have I ever seen animist use forest barrier to stop troop activity and since every animist was constantly protesting their neutrality I had to conclude that the attack was against me or bandits (I couldn't fig

ure out which exactly and no animist was forthcoming with the info). It could not have been an attack on Thakria because in doing so the animist would have clearly choosen sides in this since Thakria was attempting to defend its soi and as stated ove

r and over again the animist do not choose sides but are neutral. Therefore they were messing with me or bandits in general. Later , much later, talks and a letter showed that it was a biased action against Thakria. Hindsight however is always 20/2



Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 1056.