The Mind of Plaman ! da dah DA DA !.

Imagine if you will, a man. Who coincidentaly is called Plaman. He is the General of Thakria, An Elder of the

Bandits guild and all round cuddly sorta loveable rogue.

Taking his troops for a bracing march around the forests (they were looking a little flabby) he was dismayed to

discover that the very roots of the earth and brambles of the bushes rose up against him to keep his cider drinking and tab smoking men from regaining their much valued health.

Now knowing that only the Animists of the fair woods had the power to evoke this enchantment and knowing their

screeching protestations of 'Why are you ignoring me ?', 'haven't I given you enough herbs and brews ?', 'when are we going to get married ?', 'how come your never in the mood when I am ?' and

'Lets go to azrilli, no one will see us there'. Oh lest I forget, 'We are very neutral, we favour no city'

(the sip potions is 'He')

The Bandits, young healthy men and women, single, rich and dandy in their jewels and finery ?

Used to hanging in places places with strong odours ? the sewers, so they won't notice the stink of the forest.

Why won't they fall prey to our plethora of untouchable, beautiful, useful herb/poison/wurtfoil brewing/ressurecting young things.

They are trained in the dance of the seven veils and the thousand pleasures of the serpent are they not ?

So ! In light of these facts, he could only assume it was a fit of pique on the animists part and thus an attack

on the Bandits themselves ?. Travelling back home, he mentions this to his brother bandit Calagan who though

off the market due to his wedding many eons ago was often good to talk to about these things.

Discovering Calagan also had issue with the bandits over transgressions in the past, we put our case to Arkane

the biggest thieving git on the planet and seeing profit in our problem authorised a bandit raid.

Well, you all know the rest. Hope that answers your question, after all.Those are the facts as I see them.

Calagan, Elder Brigand

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midwinter, in the year 1056.