Little Whos.

Old Wizard Giliad Silverhandto Everyone

Friends and Enemies,

After a little run in with a young Thakrian today, I realized that we may not be instilling in our young ones the proper rules of etiquette.

I am sure both sides are guilty of this, so there is no finger pointing intended - I am entirely guilty of forgetting to pass on this lesson to my apprentices in the last few months.

A person listed on the LW list is granted protection from attack - even if they have given up divine protection, those of us of higher skill are bound by honor to not harm this young players.

However, if a young player steps into the affairs of a group of older players, such as stealing floor runes, using seer skills to hamper activities, or generally being a nuisance, they are forsaking that protection, voluntarily.

Today, after a LW stole a floor rune, I used the feeble spell to reclaim it - after which I promptly returned all of the other items I had to go through to get the rune back.

All the while, the young player was complaining about how wrong it was to attack a person on the LW list.

This is purely bad form.

Teachers from all three cities, please instill in your apprentices the lesson that older players with honor will not attack them as long as they act appropriately, but if they choose to involve themselves in the affairs of elders, they do so at thier

own risk,

My apologies for the preachy post.

Giliad Silverhand

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midsummer, in the year 1055.