My actions towards Thakrians.

I plead guilty to the crime of leading \"raging hordes\" through Thakria but I

would clarify one point.

Those thakrians that chose to get involved invariably were the only ones

included in any actions - I would like to think that this did the

\"morale\" of my side some good and in a sense provided the thakrian

defenders with some fun.

I am sure a lot of the better Thakrian fighters now could look

back to when they were smaller and in a perversem sense thank me

for the practice and for giving them a challenge to work to.

One thing I have never done is persecute any idividual with the intention

of making their time in the land miserable and not wanting to play

I am sure there are others who could not see these words and not fell

(sorry feel) a little guilty for their own deeds.

Also a PS on the attack on the Animists - it seems clear now that if their

guild had been within a cities walls the Bandits could never have attacked it.

Therefore the Animists are paying the price of a guild location dictated

by geography long before current warfare/legions ever existed.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1055.