Well done...

Father Cimaresto Sir Duroc Moon Knight

I congratulate you on finding a mistake in one of my posts, yes Gahlahas did mention Neutral and Pacifist, however he did not state anything about pacifism, and the bulk of the post was about the guilds neutral and citiless state.

You seem to have a fixation on the fact that all Thakrians are bug abusers and Character stealers, I strongly suggest you sit back and look around you. There are very few people in this realm who abuse bugs, I would imagine they number on just one han


And as to character stealing, well If you have any proof, take it to the administrators as surely that would constitute abuse of the games terms and conditions.

Onto the other point of your post, I would rather not see the animists all Pacifists, I'd rather not see any Pacifists in this world completely, but thats another matter.

What would be nice to see is a truly neutral Animist guild, one that loves all life and extends the realm of the Lord of Life as he perhaps first intended.

And finally that age old complaint, Thakrians raping and stripping and pillaging all newbies. Get a life. Myself and many members of Thakrian society have never taken part in stripping, or teaming younger members of Avalon.

There are however in all 4 cities, those that enjoy the power they get from this type of action. One or two people a city do not make. Please remember that.

You also seem to have this inate belief that everyone in Avalon is behind your words and feelings, Believe me they're not (Please anyone of the normal Thakrians murder rape pillage brigade need not respond - I guess thats most of the Knights guild)

I have had many people talking to me asking why I bother responding to your inane posts, and the truth is, I quite like the sound of my own voice and making you look stupid.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1055.