your misinformation.

I have receieved a letter from Bosno clearing some things up and providing me with adequate answers to some of the questions I have posted. I will share this with avalon later in the day and my own comments on it.

Now Duroc you keep refferring to our city as character stealers, bug abusers and long term inhabitants of the Underworld. Since my early days in the land I have made in an effort to report things I come across in my skills set and warfare to name a f

ew things that appear buggy. I know very few thakrians ever banished to the underworld(many of us have gone under free will for various things) and personally know of no Thakrian who steals characters and can not fathom the administration of this gam

e allowing anyone who steals characters to remain. Since you have lumped my entire beloved city that I have worked for more years then you have existed into building it up into the powerhouse it is would you please clarify these points.

Incase that wasn't clear instead of obscure slams on the entire city do you have legitimate proof of any of what you claim and that it is in fact our city? I do not doubt we have those who abuse bugs, but guess what every city does.

As for praying on the young save it. Thakria does not endorse or intentionally go out of its way to pick on lw's. I know we have larger players who attack smaller players, unfortunatly this is a viscious cycle shared around the land. Myself and man

y other Thakrians can share stories of when we were smaller and everyones favorite Uncle Allanon would lead his raging hordes on us.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1055.