Wrong again.

Sir Duroc Moon Knightto Father Cimares

This is getting old fast, just more propoganda from those who number amongst them the bug abusers, character stealers, and long term inhabitants of the Underworld.

Of course you all feel threatened. You have had your way for so long, and the thought of some form of balance must terrify you. That much is clear.

But to answer your post, I for the last time, let me state it so even YOU can't miss it. Gahlahas said, and I quote, blah blah blah \"then they truly could say they are Neutral and Pacifist..... \"

A lot of those who prey on them, like the scum you call city mates, would love to see them pacifist. The fact that someone might stand up to some of the disgusting behaviour that your kind engages in is of course a threat. That is why your lot feels

the need to threaten and intimidate new players, stripping them and killing them again and again, in the hopes they will never get to be large enough to challenge you.

As for well thought out, it is simply more Thakrian trash, that not a soul in Avalon believes other than your own misguided lot, or lickspittles like \"Arkane\".

Sir Duroc

Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1055.