Father Cimaresto Sir Duroc Moon Knight

Why did you bother to post Duroc? You have added absolutly nothing to the discussion. Gahlahas' post was actually quite intelligent and decidely more thought out than a lot of recent posts on this board.

So, Answer me why Animists have a skill to kill demons? Does this stop them being neutral? They have the demon killing skill, therefore they must be Anti thakrian.

You have just proved that you know nothing about the history of Avalon beyond your meagre years. Long ago within the depths of Goblin City there was a necromancers guild. They too toyed with the beings of the demon plane and set upon Thakrians as ofte

n as Merctownians and Parrians.

It is for this reason that LM's like myself have a demon banishing skill, The Thakrian Cavaliers guild also has a demon banishing skill, Does this mean they automatically have to go out and slay Thakrian Sorcerers?

Gahlahas pointed out that the Animists can choose to be completely neutral and withdraw from city politics, I can't see that happening as I believe they like the political manouvering.

If they did choose to withdraw, then they could be the totally opposite to what the Necromancers once were, a true cityless guild with no ties and beholden to noone but themselves and their guildpatron.

Please people, do us all a favour and THINK before posting inane rubbish that is basic tit for tat crap.


Father Cimares, The Old Bugger

Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1055.