a few things.

His Holiness the Thieflord Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

Lord Damocles does not need me to speak for him so I won't on that matter. I will say again other dieties have brewed throughout history and no stink about it. All non pacifists were invited and i made sure those that wanted in found their way. Thi

s brew was neither expected nor asked for and I know it is a very rare occurence when a diety brews. The bandits can, have and will get their own wurtfoil when they need it until this matter is settled.

As has been stated on this board the animist action against me was in support of one faction of the land showing bias. I did not nor will I ever ask animist to use their powers to change a fighting situation on my behalf as I expect them to maintain

neutrality in such actions and respect those that continue to do so. To address another point yes the animist should try to stop warfare but again why this one small time and not when much larger invasions took place. Since the animist didn't confes

s this I had to believe it was a personal attack on me since I had never seen them close the forest in the past for warfare. I reacted how any other fighter would when threatened I killed those that threatened me. I had and continue to ask for an ex

planation from th animist and get none so I am left with perhaps a heavy handed method but the only one I see I had left.


Also in this particular period of warfare Springtown was stealing Thakrian soi. Since thievery is the province of the bandits guild, being one of the oldest bandits active right now I was not happy to see the animist enter into our province.

The continued debate of this being a Thakrian thing. Those of you who know me as a military man know I only make strikes for Thakria when it benefits Thakria. How could attacking the animist possibly have benefitted Thakria in helping to solidify th

e growing unity against us and hurt my entire city which i have worked decades to help raise to the top? No i did this with bandit troops knowing my guild could take any reprisals and consequences dished out, however I underestimated the partisan pol

itics in the land.

Again until shown to me otherwise given history I will continue to believe that one instance of forest blocking was a direct attack against me and help in theft which should be the bandits domain.

Finally to Duroc, I have finally come to understand your fustrated inane babbling on this bb. You must feel real impotent being a never has been and probably a never will be getting constantly shown up by this supposed has been lap dog!


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1055.