Your request.

Ranger Wyldefyreto Nightmare Babidi, Fate's End

Since this request was made in the presence of both guild brothers and fellow citizens, I am making one clear statment.

The fight between the animists and the bandits is that. And is for them to work out

Although I have the ultimate herb skill of picking wurtfoil, I do not brew. Don't ask me.

Not because my fellow citizens would frown on it, not because my guild might also frown on it.

It is my own personal morals (however twisted they may be)

I cannot inmy right mind aid and restore life of one who only seeks to destroy life.

Dartanian, I know you and I respect your wishes. Plaman and Babidi the same.

I will not do this for anyone. Please do not ask. this has been made public beacuse others will ask.

Rain cain on me, it is my decision. not my guilds

Wyldefyre the fair

Written by my hand on the 17th of Mournsend, in the year 1055.