My Objections to the Animists.

I should probably not justify your inane dribble with a response, but I will do so solely to clearly state to the rest of the land what should be OBVIOUS objections to Animist actions

1. The specific instance you refer to with Eluria did indeed produce a \"chip\" on my shoulder, that is a justifiable chip. During the exchange, I spoke with Elanna, there was NO discussion with Eluria and NO warning issued to me to desist attacks. Th

e first use of Glade was in the FIRST attack my compatriots and I made and no one had died yet, hardly a reasoned use of the skill

2. This combat involvement is not limited to solely this situation of which I speak, but is with clear intent to harm citizens of specific guilds and cities, specifically in favour of the Parrian guilds and citizens that various animists have more tha

n familiar relations with and against basic Thakrian guilds and citizens that they do not. Eluria is merely the worst example of this. There are other instances.

3. The Warfare involvement was CLEARLY out of line and Totally unacceptable. The use of forest lock by your GUILD with clear intent to harm someone's actions demands response by other GUILD(S) to make sure you understand that your guild's actions wil

l demand accountability and those strong enough to make sure that you will get it have apparently done so.

I suggest you think on how impartially your guild has been acting and how pathetic most of your members actions have been. As far as my personal beefs, I'm the GM of the Sorcerers, Animists do rather annoy me anyways. Your members should beware my V

engeance. It will come, even if I could not have done so militarily.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Mournsend, in the year 1055.