calagan's post 18433.

Plain Zakathto Lorelord Allanon, of Springdale

It seems that Calagan has clearly spelt out that his troops would be allowed to

attack legions, even if a REQUEST not to attack structures within city walls

exist which would as a result imply that every guild in mercinae should have

concerns if they upset the bandits (for the bandit legions did not perish with the

rest of mercinae during the parrian invasion)

As regards to bandits defending a patron city, history proves calagan to be completely

and absolutely wrong. They did not help in mercinae, and when I as Field Marshall requested

their help in blocking a weak point in our defences, every Thakrian guild responded with

an army except the elusive bandit legions.

At least in my lifespan, they never have and most likely never will help their patron city

for the Bandits are looking after number one.

To Allanon, Krill, Orinoko, Ragar, Kes and others who are likely to do something instead

of yapping away about the role of animists, If you truly find the attack on the animists

offensive, then act on it. Show the Bandits guild your disgust with the way they spit upon

the ideals of your cities. If you do not condone their actions, then do not house them.

There are options other than razing their guildhomes, frogmarch the disloyal legions outside

your city walls and leave them to the Rangers. I'll repeat once more that they are not

assets to your cities and can only be liabilities.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1055.