Greetings brother,

I probably have more of a handle on my guild than you know, as the incident you speak of was dealt with by me the day it happened.

A player asked for help from Eluria, outside of combat. She complied and you continued your attack while she was helping him. You were first warned about your actions, then ejected. When you persisted in attacking a person under the help of an Animist

, you were allowed the honour of joining the forest, albeit unwillingly. This is a legitimate use of decompose, as directed in ancient times by our Father, Lord Aldaron. Eluria was commended on her initial restraint and her approach to the problem - y

ou seem to have suffered more of a blow to your pride than you realise if this one little incident wound you up enough to contemplate raiding our guild.

For those of you out there that still harbour ill-will against us - carry on. We have nothing left to lose, as our home still remains occupied by the Bandits. The forests are going to become an uncomfortable place to spend time for those who persist i

n their programme of murder against us.

As a final point on decompose, I wasn't there, but Fizzy's use of it to defend our home and his guildmates against invasion is also an approved use. It has been done before and it will be done again also.

Be well, Dartanian - I've got some polyfilla for that chip on your shoulder.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1055.