Thakrian Involvement in the Bandit Raid on the Animists.

Just so morons like Duroc understand plainly what took place, I figured as both GM of the Sorcerers Guild and Baron of Thakria I should post outlining why what took place was simply a Bandit action and not that of the city of Thakria

First, Plaman and the Bandits simply beat me to razing the Animists Guild. I had troops, ready in the Sorcerers Barracks to march out and raze their guildhouse. Like Plaman I am upset at recent Animist interference in warfare and even more specifica

lly, in combat.

Second, I helped Plaman and the Bandits as best I could for a multitude of reasons, NONE of which had to do with me being Thakrian. I will not bore you all with a litany of those reasons, but I come up with at least seven as I sit here typing this po


Third, The Bandits guild CERTAINLY did not consult with any members of the Thakrian government before making this move. Several of use were involved on the combat end, as much for the sheer joy of killing things than for anything else I imagine, but

that does NOT mean it was the action of a city.

Duroc, Bosno, and others that attempt to place it as a city action should try actually listening to what people say afore assuming you know what has taken place. Duroc, for one, we all wear many hats in this game, order,guild, city and the like. it

is wise to keep those roles separate in your own head, I know I do in mine. Bosno, you do not have nearly so good a handle on your guild as you might think. The actions the Bandits undertook were because of Animists clearly getting involved in warfa

re and personal combat at a level that is entirely unacceptable, unless you call Animists Decomposing people who do not attack them acceptable. Get the facts other than from your guildmembers afore you make assumptions as to how things are working.

Dartanian, Baron, Guildmaster, Thakrian, and Burner of Forests

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1055.