everything else aside.

I am not going to continue arguing why the raid was done nor who really comitted it. Everyone has their opinions and they are likely not going to change.

Instead back to the basis of my anger with the animist which I am more then ready to dismiss as soon as We openly discuss it. The animist choose to use a forest to interfere with me and possibly get me slain. I have other complaints but I will forge

t about those and focus on my main one. I want to know why that time animist choose to seal the forest? Nothing was being invaded, they did not choose to seal the forest when Thakrian invaded then Springdale, further back in history they did not ch

oose to seal the forest when thakrian invaded the rangers guild or mercinae, they did not choose to seal the forest when mercinae invaded thakria or when parrius invaded mercinae several times. Just recently they did not seal the forest when mercinae

marched troops into the path towards their guild to take soi. What does that tell me. You targetted me a bandit.

I also know the animist were told that they should forest seal against troops when they feel it is benefitting the whole of avalon. How did that one time benefit the whole of avalon as opposed to not having done it in previous times when movement was

done on a grander scale? What makes an animist decide if they are doing it for the good of avalon. Because a bandit is moving troops.

I right now can care less about the 'riches' we plundered, blacklisting or retribution. All of that was expected when this was discussed. I want answers to a question I asked weeks ago and got only a they were wrong you are blacklisted answer. That

is not suitable. I will not attack, rob or hinder any animist who leaves me alone while I await for the discussion to the answer of my question.

Duroc leave me save you a post blah blah blah plaman is a has been puppet blah blah. Anyone else answering this post i don't care about your opinion or thoughts on this matter I want to hear straight from the animist!


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.