your last post.

Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Proteus, god of the sea

I totally agree with your last post, it was something I was trying to put (not so well done though) on the

elders board.

As always stated by myself, it seems people moan and want code changed so that they can get the upper

in certain situations instead of fairness. This is basic human nature and so is death and destruction.

However I do believe that being animists dosn't mean becoming an experience punching dummy by those

people out there who abuse some of the unwritten codes in this game and it also dosn't mean that they will

just stand by and let themselves or their friends be threatened, raped and murdered. No this is not what

being an animist is about.

As said on the elders BB, the Budhists, the most peace loving, animistic relgious society in the world

developed the most potent and deadly hand to hand combat, ask yourself why they did this and maybe

after what has been done to the animists guild you will understand how this game has changed and is becoming.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.