The Parrian attack on the Bandits guild.

Loremaster Yairito Sir Duroc Moon Knight

My guild trusts its members and I give captain status to anyone who

requests it. I find nothing surprising about Babidi's quick captain status.

Perhaps your guild distrusts its own members.

I seem to recall that Babidi has been threatening the Animists forever.

He did so as a Mercianian and as a resident of Springtown. Why would

you expect him to change his feelings just because he is a Thakrian?

As for Plaman's \"threats\" to the Animists, he has made his position

quite clear, many times on this public forum.

Yes indeed some non-Bandit Thakrians (including some barons) aided

in the attacks and looting. Had you typed WHO during the battle, you

might have noticed that far more Thakrians stayed out of it than joined


Many Parrians and Mercianians (including some barons and

custodians) helped in the defense of the Animist guild. Are we to use

your logic and infer that these actions were official Parrian and

Mercianian city attacks on the neutral Bandits guild? Or are we to act

intelligently and understand that the non-Bandits and non-Animists

involved on both sides were acting as INDIVIDUALS and not as

enforcers of city policy?

I rubbed both of my brain cells together and concluded that you really

need to chill out man.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.