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Loremaster Yairito Arkane, Senior Delinquent

Yes, I am well aware that Calagan is now a Thakrian. As you also well

know (since you messaged me an apology), it was not Calagan I was speaking

of when I mentioned a Parrian Bandit being involved. It was Aias.

To everyone. While the attack was under way, I was chatting with a Parrian

friend. I told him that The attack on the Animists was NOT a Thakrian effort.

His reply was very prophetic. He said \"I'm sure that fact will be neatly

disregarded by those with their own agendas\".

I do not personally approve of what was done, but then again, the Bandits

do not need to care about my approval. They are an independant guild and

follow thier own course. As are, and do, the Animists.

One final note. The bandit legions moved out of Thakria through a point

lacking in city fortifications. As such, there was not even the need for

a city official to lower fortifications for them.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.