Attacking the bandits guild.

Plain Zakathto Lorelord Allanon, of Springdale

Although not directly linked to the thread, you raised an interesting point in your post

about raiding the bandits guild in each city.

Interestingly enough, not too long ago whilst Arthor was the Prince and I the Field Marshall,

A cavalier and thakrian legions had been prepped and prepared outside the bandit's guild ready

to invade. The action was only averted when our Prince at the time reconsidered. I believe that

Parrius too has considered a pre-emptive strike on the same guild.

Personally, and it is no secret, I harbour a longterm dislike of the unity of the Bandits

guild as I believe that most bandits place their guild above their city as demonstrated by

various poison bans throughout history.

Babbling completed, I will close with a serious point, which is that Thakria as a

city does not condone what the Bandits guild have done. The consequences should be

faced by their guild alone and indeed I will be pressing my government, in the interests

of the city to deny re-entry of the rowdy bandit legions, because at least personally

I believe they do not benefit Thakria at all. If thakria were invaded, the bandits would

not defend her as an army and most probably the only survivor in the Mercinaen invasion

were the bandit legions housed there.


Written by my hand on the 18th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.