and The Animists.

Ok. The Bandits as you all well know have interests in 'all' cities. I myself

have drifted through all the cities at somepoint and try avoid major city status as

its not my bag. Though I have made various contributions to cities on behalf of the

Bandits in earlier conflicts.

What I said in my post is, that the troops within a given city will NOT act against

that city. Clear enough ? Our members have never even really used the city chapters

as a point to attack or be safe in.

Now as has been stated, 3 people were primarily involved in this action. Myself

Plaman and Babidi. As the least politically motivated and inflamatory of those

involved I would request that someone contact me on behalf of the animists to get

this situation sorted out. I know my compatriots have put forward various demands

and I would like to discuss the way forward.

Calagan, Bandit Diplomat.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.