I consider you a friend and a fellow citizen and on the \"goodish\" side of

neutral but I must question your explaination of your motives as GM of the

guild that undertook the action.

You claim simply that bandits rob and your motives were \"greed\" and \"grand theft\".

In itself it is an explaination and you do state that your guild will suffer

and repurcussions from the Animists, however you also state that

\"you are not interested in the effect this may have on city politics or

warfare - they are not your concern\".

Well, given your motives should the cities that the bandits guild have guildhouses

within all use their legions to crush these structures immediately to pre-empt

any attempted robbery by the bandits guild troops?

If the Animists guild had been off Park Elenna in Mercinae would the \"grand theft\" still have been attempted.

Bandits choose to be neutral and thats all well and good, they also enjoy the benfits of a unified guild

with chapters\" in various cities - however this is not a free reign to do whatever

robberies you like when you like and still enjoy a happy relationship within a city.

You attacked the Animists guild because you could - i. e it was outside a city and therefore

relatively defenceless. If booty were really your motives why not go for Orc Town - if

the animists guild had 50k fortifications and a 5k legion of Ents sitting there I think the story may have been slightly different


Written by my hand on the 17th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.