Plaman's whining about the commodities.

Just to clear things up, most of the commodities Plaman was whining about being removed, we took from him and his fellows. Amazing what a JJ with febfendu/shirolos can make someone do, like release a cart.

Of course, we let him load them up properly first, save us the time later.

As for killing animists to get someone's favour, what a disgrace. Someone urging people to kill Bosno, or Siana, Annabelle, Wolfsong, Elanna, Eluria, Fizzy, Squirrelfish, Firian, Bumble, and many others, how truly sad. These people have helped all o

f you, none of them had any problem with Thakrians, until snivelling cowards and has-been puppets like Plaman let Babidi take his personal vendetta, and make it a city crusade.

I hope everyone takes a good hard look, this tells us all FAR more about Damocles, than about any animists. I would imagine he will only have the trash of Thakria, those citizens without the decency to leave, take him up on his offer.

I for one will look very poorly upon any Parrian citizen who takes up his offer, as I am sure the rest of the Custodians will.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.