bandits action.

Arkane, Senior Delinquentto Everyone

Yesterday, as you all now know, a legion of bandit troops from Thakria was used in a raid on the Animist guild.

There are numerous ways thieves can commit robberies, some on a small scale using individual skills, some on a medium scale using combinations of skills in a team, and on rare occasions on a large scale using guild troops.

This was a bold and largely successful attempt at grand theft.

It involved not one but two former bandit gms, whose judgement I respect and who I am unlikely to refuse.

The fact that a new bandit (namely Babidi) was involved is, for me, a secondary concern.

The action was taken by the Thakrian chapter of the bandits.

(Yairi was wrong to say there was a Parrian, presumably you havent noticed Calagan is now Thakrian).

Any non-thakrian bandit, or any non-bandit thakrian who arrived on the scene later on did so because they saw an 'event' occurring and wanted to watch, or join in.

Yes there were vultures looking for corpses to pick but this was a guild matter.

I accept there are consequences to all actions in Avalon, and to those who seek retribution I must stress that this plan was only known to a handful of thieves at the most senior level.

It would be unfair in the extreme for anyone to hold more junior bandits accountable.

I am not interested in the effect this may have on city politics or warfare (though in my view it's negligible).

These matters are not my concern.

The bandit interest was clear - acquiring some loot - and as such our action was entirely appropriate and in character.

It's what we do.

Read 'help bandits'.

The fact that our guild is richer today than it was yesterday is justification enough.

I've heard accusations that we are being used as 'puppets' of Babidi, to promote his interests and that of Thakria.

Babidi and other participants almost certainly have their own incentives in addition to a natural and healthy greed, but I do not believe these motives are strategic.

Presonal feelings and grudges are a greater factor, and bandits are free to carry out vendettas if they so choose.

Establishing the principle that those who trumpet their peace-loving nature should refrain from involvement in war seems a reasonable goal to me, so I hope the animists comply with the terms of Plaman's post.

It has been suggested to me that the Animists should not be a target, period.

Generally for player combat this is accepted, but our action was pillage of property.

Animists have gold and comms like everyone else and can defend themselves adequately.

Why do animist fortifications exist if nobody can ever use troops to attack them?

To have complete immunity from every danger in Avalon would make animism utterly tedious.

I saw no reason to refuse my members the chance to take what they could once the idea was presented to me.

I make a point of never posting on the public bb, except for special occasions such as this.

I certainly won't engage in a slanging match here, so don't expect much of a reply if you have an outraged response to make.

Have a nice day

Arkane, Bandit GM

Written by my hand on the 16th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.