Cities & Guilds.

Lorelord Allanon, of Springdaleto Everyone

Regardless of whether the individual actions of Animists in \"interfering\" merits the Animist guild building

being attacked and raised is obviously a matter of personal experience and opinion

(and for the record it is not only and always the evil thakrians that are inconvenienced)

in the past Mariah has interference to my fighting in Thakria to extremes.

However the point I wish to raise is the use of troops against guilds and in

particular the status of the two guilds buildings which lie outside of any of

the main cities namely the Rangers and the Animists.

The two guilds are somewhat isolated and of course any attacking foe can cause substantial damage

as there are no city type and size of fortifications that would make an attack costly

in terms of troop loss.

Now the bandits presumably used just guild troops and these would have had to have been

marched from somewhere (? presumably Thakria) which meant city fortifications having

to be lowered etc and re-raised - this in the case of the bandits is further complicated

by the fact they have the luxury of multiple guild buildings spread across the cities of Avalon.

In light of this I don't know how Plaman can complain of commodities being moved - the

location of the Animists and Rangers guilds was set long before \"modern\" type warfare was

introduced and in real terms the defence of these isolated guilds from troops was

probably never really considered - if so then surely so other mechanism would have

existed to provide a similar level of protection that all the other guilds have being in the heart of a city and

behind main gate fortifications.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.